Appraisals for Estate Settlement by Real Estate Appraisal Services of WI, Inc.

Estate settlement is a significant and often stressful responsibility. As an executor, you have been entrusted with the task of fulfilling the wishes of the deceased in a prompt and respectful manner. You can rely on us to act swiftly while being sensitive to the emotions of everyone involved.

At Real Estate Appraisal Services of WI, Inc., we are committed to delivering exceptional and ethically sound appraisals that lawyers can rely on. We understand that each party involved has specific needs, and we are experienced in working with all stakeholders. With our extensive experience working within the legal system and various agencies, we consistently provide appraisal reports that meet and exceed expectations.

The settlement of an estate often requires an appraisal to establish the fair market value of the assets involved. We understand that during this time, obtaining an appraisal report may be the last thing on your mind. Consequently, there is often a discrepancy between the date of death and the date when the appraisal is needed. Real Estate Appraisal Services of WI, Inc. assures you that we are well-versed in the procedures and guidelines set by revenue services to conduct retroactive appraisals. We can provide an appraisal with an effective date and fair market value estimate that aligns with the exact date of your loved one's passing. Our company adheres to the ethical obligations outlined in the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), ensuring utmost confidentiality and privacy for you.

It is not always apparent why a comprehensive appraisal is necessary to support the numbers presented in general documents submitted to revenue authorities. However, one of the most crucial requirements in a report is an appraiser-supported opinion of value that includes a detailed explanation of how the conclusion was reached. Such a report will strongly demonstrate the validity and accuracy of the numbers presented within.

Real Estate Appraisal Services of WI, Inc. will provide a substantiated report that offers executors concrete facts and figures that meet the requirements of the IRS and state agencies. You don't need to worry when obtaining an appraisal from Real Estate Appraisal Services of WI, Inc., as we stand by the integrity of our work, no matter what.

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Please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your precise estate appraisal requirements and how our expertise can assist you.